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After Twenty-five Years, Expanding a Personal Training Business By Developing a Stronger Online Presence


Building a Website



With 25 years of success in fitness and nutrition coaching Jim Hart has established a reputation as the go-to guy for men over 50. Jim had a vision of creating an online program similar to his in-person Belly Off program he offers in Philadelphia. By going online he’d be able to share his services with more clients and diversify his business model to provide more services remotely versus being tied to a gym or traveling to clients.


  • Presenting fitness services online requires a whole new set of skills.

  • Organization: Jim needed support to sift through the 25 years of documents and journaling he’s done to keep him at the top of his game in the industry.

  • Confidence—even coaches need someone to bounce things off and to help them realize which path they want to travel down.


We started with some exercises to revisit who Jim’s clients were, what defines his brand, and how to communicate this using a consistent visual look. I did a lot of reading of documents, formatting, and editing though we just touched the surface.

Creating a website that was a hub for Jim’s service offerings, thoughts and communicated his personality was our first objective. The website has better security, is easier to use, includes a blog Jim can use, and I rewrote his content with his input. My goal was to position the website as a place Jim could update content and that he could use it to keep consistent on his messaging, plus the direction of his business.

During this time we created a consistent visual identity online through hartbodyhealth.com as well as facebook.com/hartbodyhealth.

I worked with Jim to review and edit all his content, various names he had used for the business and programs, and organize what he had. For instance, when we discovered he had owned hartbody.com but had lost it we improvised. We’ve focused on organizing content and creating a sleek visual look that showcased his personal approach and shouted from the rooftops the target audience he works with.


  • The biggest result was feeling less overwhelmed and defeated. Navigating the shift from providing services in person—in real life, to putting something online where people interact with it while you’re not there can be mind boggling.

  • The dream of an online program offering is ready to be realized since the base work has been done.
    We’re in the second phase now—building out the lessons/units for an online e-course to supplement weekly coaching calls. By 2020 Jim will have adapted to learn how to work with clients online as well as have the platform and structures in place to do so.

  • New clients came in through good old fashioned networking.

  • Jim is learning there are tasks he’ll need or want to delegate. We continue to work together to better manage this.

“These tips you give me are really helpful! - as you know how "verbose" I can be! I am glad you are by my side through this process.”—Jim

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Wrangling 25 years of notes and documents into a Content Library

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