Princeton in Latin America


Reached Sales & Attendance Goals for a Major Fundraising Event While Re-engaging PiLA’s Dispersed Community


Visual Identity System—A Vibrant Brand Personality



I was brought in to create a brochure to help promote a gala that was three months away. After initial research and during a discovery call I saw an opportunity and proposed a plan to use their 15th-anniversary as an opportunity. Together we could:

  1. create a visual identity for the organization (all the files were rendering poorly as well)

  2. design digital and print materials they need

  3. write impactful messaging to tap into the pride alumni should feel for being part of such an amazing organization

In 15 years, PiLA had matched 350 highly qualified fellows—graduates of North American colleges and universities who seek yearlong service fellowships, with respected partner organizations (NGO’s) across Latin America and the Caribbean. Just reading their newsletters and seeing what their fellows have had a hand in and are doing showed me their impact has been huge. We just needed to show PiLA’s bold, impactful efforts through how the organization represented themselves online and in communications and marketing material.


Within two weeks I presented a new bold, colorful visual identity system with updated logo and a simplicity so their staff—one paid position and a few sporadic volunteers, could implement it going forward. I updated their social media sites with new digital artwork, provided guidance and artwork for the website, and worked with the director and a volunteer to craft taglines and marketing copy.

A request for a video came in. I sent a draft to Michael and he published it. My goal was to polish it up and have someone with a Spanish accent to record the audio. I include it here purely for the copy/messaging.

Lastly, I created the gala booklet. Notice the middle spread—where the fellow are. Instead of a list of fellow names, the NGO’s, and what city they work in, I created a visual way for readers to see the vast expanse of PiLA’s reach. I also started lowercasing the i in PiLA as a way to add an easy sense of movement and make the abbreviation recognizable.


The 15th-anniversary gala, with the former president of Costa Rica as the honoree, hit target attendance and money-raised goals.

Alumni reported back to the director how moved they were by the video. The increased sharing of what fellows are doing and remembering past experiences has brought alumni back to the organization—strengthening the community and revitalizing their purpose.

"Walter produced high-quality creative work very quickly and took the initiative to innovate beyond what we asked. Walter has good ideas and an excellent eye for color; he is very easy to work with, and is generous with his time."
—Michael S., project manager

Gala Booklet—Recognizing Funders and Telling the #engage4good Story

15th-Anniversary Celebration Video—Come to the Gala