My Work—What I do

With a focus on your audience, business, and objectives I create:


Branding and visual identity systems

The appropriate look and feel of all your print and online materials is foundational to strong brand recognition and differentiating yourself from competitors.

I work with clients to build a set of visual language guidelines that will support and make your brand stand out. These guidelines also make creating materials more efficient and consistent for years to come.


graphic design

I use design thinking to create a wide variety of design materials for print and digital spaces.

My background and training in marketing, design, and psychology help me keep your audience in mind as well as listen to what your preferences and needs are.



Effective marketing is a skill that requires knowing tools, platforms, keeping client objectives top of mind, planning, and strategy and knowing your audience.

I have over sixteen years of experience providing consultation and strategic guidance for content, promotions, advertising, and customer relationship management.


writing copy

Successful promotions depend on pinpoint marketing copy. Writing for the web requires SEO research as well as considering how the reader will absorb content. I’m here to edit or consult with you about your copy so your audience wants to read your content and take action.